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text, 2017



IMG_20171215_1450240 steps – 2995km
performance, 2017
This pair of shoes had been worn during my flight from Amsterdam to Larnaca. The shoes covered the distance of 2995km by making 0 steps.




performance-photos, 2017
94 days = 110g
From the 30th of March the notebook was being used for collecting thoughts, notes, ideas, small papers and objects found on the streets or given by people. On the 1st of July the notebook was stopped being used as it became “full”.




tunnel to the other side of Earth testmessage
performance, 2017, Spain-New Zealand
in collaboration with Riane Pater




the world from outside
collection of photos, 2017







my-soulmatesearch my soulmate
print screen, 2017




dscn8552art pieces
installation, 2016




dscn8820moving pictures
photos, 2016







collection of print screens, 2016
The print screens depict the satellite view of the border between USA and Mexico.







dscn9064missing parts
installation-sculpture, 2016







art movement
video, 2016



photos, 2016







cropped-dscn8193.jpghold your breath
photo-performance, 2016



video-performance, 2015




The city
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