The city

The city

She wakes up and looks outside the window. The sky is clear and the sun burns her eyes. She close the curtains and through the holes of the curtains she sees the building ‘couple’ of meters away from her own. She makes a step back and leaves.

The streets of her city are small, familiar. Her feet feel the uneven road and she reads the sign ‘under construction’. She smiles, but then she thinks that many things that were being called as temporary, stay the same for years. She feels guilty. She walks with it. She arrives at her routine and she leaves her guilt in the atmosphere, in her route.

Today he has birthday and he is looking forward to finish from his job. The plan is to meet some friends at his place and have some drinks to celebrate. The clientele is big. Tourists, locals, immigrants. It keeps his mind ‘occupied’.

He walks on the small, familiar streets of his city. He is finally home. He is having a shower and preparing for the guests.

The sun went down. The city smells differently now. She goes outside the balcony. The wind penetrates her dress and she smells like jasmine. She smells like the city. Or the city smells like her. The bells are striking and they embrace the music and laughter from the building some meters away from her. He sees her. She smiles and slowly goes to hide herself behind the walls. He doesn’t think.

He rolls a cigarette. He goes to the balcony and lights it. The sun makes him dizzy. All he can think is ‘we’ and ‘they’, ‘they’ and ‘we’. He looks at the building some meters away from him. ‘They’.

She goes with her mother to her mother’s family house. She feels weird. The streets are not familiar. She doesn’t know how to behave, around her mother, the people, the situation, herself. Her mother has the key, but she cannot use it. She knocks the door of her house and cries. The door opens. They speak in English.

After a warm day he is in the centre with some friends. The conversation goes from laughter to political, to series, to love. At some point it goes to ‘they’. He thinks everything that he feels about them, everything that his parents told him. All the conversations with friends, teachers, relatives. And then he thinks ‘we’. He is confused.

He reads the newspaper. A pigeon lands on the railings of his balcony. He looks at it passively. The pigeon makes some convulsive movements. After some moments it flies and lands on the building some meters away from him. He keeps looking at it. The pigeon flies and leaves. Freely.

A line has length and width. A city has centre, east, west, north and south. The city has centers, east, west, north, southest part of north, east, west, south, northest part of south, a line.

He wakes up and looks outside the window. He feels the line.

She will never meet him.

He will never meet her.